By AJ Finch

I plan to put up info about books I've read / liked / hated / found useful...

I'll include links to buy these from  If you purchase a book after clicking on one of my links, I get a few pence from each book, and I'll be very very grateful to you ;-)


Novels that we like

Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde

Miss Next (Thursday to her friends) lives in Swindon. She travels in time (mainly involuntarily) and occasionally in literature. In fact, she is a kind of literary policewoman. She doesn't arrest shoplifters in Waterstones; she's more likely to be tracking down an over-adventurous character who has escaped from some novel into reality.
(But then, what is reality?)

"The Well of Lost Plots"

"Lost in a Good Book"

Books about babies / children / family / etc

"Raising Boys" by Steve Biddulph

"Sign With Your Baby" by Various

Also, Click here for a list of books that AJ really needs.

AJ learnt to read at an early age.  His Mummy made flash cards to teach him his words.  However, he still prefers looking at pictures.